Recollections Introduction

The interviews conducted for these projects were selected carefully in order to get a good range of historical perspectives on the changing practices and cultures of woodland management in this unique area. We aimed to capture at least one account from a countryside manager, woodsman, forester, coppice merchant, landscape architect, national trust warden, Natural England (English Nature) woodland manager, local farmer and a local person with personal experience of the woodlands in the area.

Many of the interviews were conducted in particular locations, like Eaves Wood, and the Sizegh Estate (National Trust), Gait Barrows (Natural England NNR) and Trowbarrow (AONB Countryside Management). This was because we wanted to know more about the histories of specific places and how they were managed in the past.

Our interviews were recorded and fully transcribed (and are downloadable from the web site). The recordings are archived at the North West Sound Archive or with Cumbria County Archives: individual copies of the interviews are held in digital format on CDs (available for reference via the Wood Education Programme Trust office).


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