Recollections Index

The following interviews, in alphabetical order, are available to view in greater detail:

Alston, Malcolm - Firewood Merchant

Burrows, Eric - Local Farmer

Cartwright, Roger - Woodland Manager

Clough, Tony - local resident in the Arnside and Silverdale area

Colledge, Martin - Forestry Commission Beat Forester

Crawley, Brian and Louise - former coppice workers and sniggers

Fereday, Brian - Forester, National Trust Sizergh Estate

Ferguson, Alan - National Trust Warden, Arnside/Silverdale AONB

Fryer, Bernard & Margaret - Retired Woodsman

Grayson, Bill - Ex National Trust warden/Grazing Animals Project

Handley, George - farmer and orchard owner

Hayhurst, Peter - Local Farmer

Henderson, Ian - former Manager, Arnside & Silverdale AONB

Nicholls, Jeff - Local woodsman/Gamekeeper

Oaks, Rebecca - Coppice Merchant

Petley-Jones, Rob - Reserve Manager, Natural England

Sharples, Rodney - Retired Woodmerchant

Simpson, Colin - formerly President of the Coppice Association North West (CANW)

Stoker, Jennifer - local resident in the Grizedale area

Walker, Arthur & Barbara -

Wilson, John - Principal Warden (Retired), RSPB

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