An interview with...

Peter Hayhurst

Local Farmer

Date: 6 March 2006

Interviewed by:
Rebecca Oaks

Peter Hayhurst was born at Fell End Farm in Hale and spent many a happy hour of his childhood playing imaginative games in the woods. The Estate allowed local farmers to take wood products out for use on the farm; hedgestakes, self grown posts and rails and firewood. They would take the horse and cart and fetch sawdust from Wardleys saw mill to ‘bed the cows up’. The woods provided many of the farms needs from calf racks made from ash and hazel to rakes and brush shafts. Bracken was harvested from woodland clearings for bedding. He retired early from farming because of health problems in spite of being brought up on a diet of rabbit, hare, pigeon with plenty of home grown lettuce cabbage and beetroot. ‘We had great fun in the woods and it supplied us with a lot of stuff and a lot of imagination you know’.

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