An interview with...

Eric Burrows

Local Farmer

Date: 20 March 2006
Storth, Carbank
Interviewed by:
Rebecca Oaks

Eric Burrows is from a local farming family who came to Hazelslack Farm when he was just two years old. The farm is part of the Dallam Estate and he has seen many changes over the years. The estate woodlands suffered from exploitation by the Forestry Commission in the sixties and much of the flowers that he remembers so well from his childhood disappeared. He particularily regrets the arrival of the grey squirrel and the immediate impact that they had on the native red squirrel. It is the demise of farming that is of the greatest concern for him with an uncertain future facing his son’s involvement in the farm. He says ‘a lot of farmers are getting fed up with working seven days a week and very low returns’ ‘The countryside used to be a place of produce but now it’s like for recreation, but times have changed.’ He remembers well ‘Swilly’ Airey the swill basket maker from Storth who would come down and select straight oak from the farm to make the swills. He has cut and supplied many hedging stakes in his time but has noticed a decline in demand in recent years. ‘Seems a little bit unbalanced should we say the countryside at the moment. I think that’s possibly the best way of putting it’.

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