An interview with...

Martin Colledge

Forestry Commission Beat Forester

Date: 24 February 2006
Marble Quarry
Interviewed by:
S CWeldon

Martin Colledge is a Beat Forester working for the Forestry Commission. He manages four areas of woodland in the area (Marble Quarry, Underlaid, Hagg Wood and Middlebarrow) that were planted by the Forestry Commission in the 1960s for commercial production. Martin has worked in forestry since he was 19 (27 years), during that time he has seen marked changes in Forestry Commission policy on planting and in the woodlands managed by the Forestry Commission in this area. In recent years the plantations are being managed quite differently to allow for regeneration of native woodlands and to conserve the geological and biological value of the area. Martin has been very happy to implement these new approaches to woodland management in this unique area. He said: I very strongly believe that areas where weve got significant biological and geological interest that we ought to be promoting a wild and natural looking woodland and not trying to enforce a regimented plantation onto those areas.

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