An interview with...

Ian Henderson

former Manager, Arnside & Silverdale AONB

Date: 5 May 2006

Interviewed by:
S Weldon

Ian Henderson was formerly the manager of the Arniside-Silverdale AONB. At the time of this interview he had been doing this job for 18 years, having first encountered the area over 20 years ago as a climber, when he visited the local limestone quarry known as Trowbarrow. Ian is a passionate enthusiast for outdoor pursuits and nature conservation and he has channelled that enthusiasm into the management of the area and into making sure that the work is adequately financed. The area that he oversees contains 30% woodland. It was designated as an AONB in 1972 and is managed in accordance with a management plan (the latest being published in 2004 after extensive consultation). He has seen many changes in 20 years but his aim is to make sure that future generations can enjoy the woodlands. He says: ‘What we’re trying to do with woodlands is make them sustainable… we’ve got woodlands that are nature-conservation-rich, species-rich, on limestone pavement…our trick, is to try and get as many of our woodlands as we can managed in a sustainable sensible way; to maximise and improve on the species diversity within the woodlands and on the age structure and quality of those woodlands in the nature conservation side; and have a product, end product of the timber, that can be used for coppice crafts, small industry…for wood-turning…and all the other things that you can do.’ In the interview Ian discusses the changes that have occurred in one particular area – Trowbarrow quarry.

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