An interview with...

Rebecca Oaks

Coppice Merchant

Date: 6 March 2006

Interviewed by:
S Weldon

Rebecca Oaks is a local coppice merchant. She was born in Worcestershire in 1963 but trained at Myerscough College near Preston and has subsequently learned her craft in this area over the last ten years or so. She now specialises in hazel coppice and hazel coppice products. Rebecca is a passionate advocate of traditional woodland management by coppicing because she believes it to be the most sustainable and environmentally friendly option, as she puts it: ‘you can see it re-growing, you’re cutting it down it’s coming back up, it’s coming back up even faster than before because it wants to grow. And there is that kind of burgeoning life thing which is actually incredibly exciting and right, you know, and not destructive or … doesn’t detract in any way from the woods.’ For her coppicing knowledge and skills she acknowledges the inspiration and support of a south Cumbria legend, the late Bill Hogarth MBE. She says: ‘I just wanted to model my business on his. That was my aim, because I just was in such admiration for him and what he did and what he knew. His knowledge was just phenomenal’.

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