An interview with...

Brian Fereday

Forester, National Trust Sizergh Estate

Date: 1 July 2008
Sizergh, nr Kendal
Interviewed by:
Alan Shepley

Brian was born at Levens in 1950 and, apart from a brief period after leaving school, has spent most his working life in the woodlands of the National Trust Sizergh Estate just south of Kendal (36 years at the time of the interview) – indeed, as he says “I haven’t come very far really.” He wanted to be “in the forestry – the actual physical, manual type forestry work …” He arrived at Sizergh in the final phases of the planting of old woodland sites with conifers [now known as PAWS – Planted Ancient Woodland Sites Ed.] He took over as forester himself in 1981 and found himself free to implement his own predeliction for favouring the wildlife conservation of the woodlands. Gradually that has become mainstream thinking in woodland management. The Trust has slowly changed too, and he has become much more involved in interpreting what the estate does. Latterly, he has also had scope to develop his life-long interest in fruit orchards, both on the estate and with the South Lakeland Orchard Group.

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