An interview with...

Jennifer Stoker

local resident in the Grizedale area

Date: 4 March 2008
Interviewed by:
Alan Shepley

Jennifer Stoker and her late husband (who worked for the Forestry Commission at their Grizedale offices as joiner and general handyman) moved to the house in Satterthwaite village where she still lives when it was in a very dilapidated state. She, and her neighbour and friend, Betty Kirkland, talk about the way in which Jennifer and her husband re-used materials from the demolished Grizedale Hall: wood, stone, and ironwork. They were following in the footsteps of their predecessors in the house for the very beams of it are probably out of an earlier building on the same site (pre-1650, or thereabouts). They then move on to discuss the way in which they see the approach of the Forestry Commission to relationships with the local population has changed over the years as they see it, for the worse. Finally they remark on the disappearance of the red squirrel from the valley.

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