An interview with...

Alan Ferguson

National Trust Warden, Arnside/Silverdale AONB

Date: 25 November 2005
Eaves Wood, Silverdale
Interviewed by:
Sue Weldon

Alan Ferguson is the ‘warden in charge’ of the National Trust land within the AONB area. He has been based in Silverdale, at Bank House farm, for 10 years. Alan describes his job as: ‘managing the land for people to use, and for wild life and for archaeological interest’ and, he says: ‘that includes everything from fixing broken stiles and gates to deciding how the land will look in the future and the vegetation that’s going to be on the land and the way it is for future generations’.

We take a walk around a National Trust wood in Silverdale. The story of the National Trust’s involvement with Eaves Wood provides a fascinating example of the way the National Trust is developing its policy of land management and the process has not been without some local controversy in this area.

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