An interview with...

Jeff Nicholls

Local woodsman/Gamekeeper

Date: 16 February 2006
Burton in Kendal
Interviewed by:
Roger Cartwright

Jeff Nicholls was born in 1953 and grew up in Silverdale during the 1950s and 60s; his father was the tenant of Lindeth Lodge Farm (now Wolf House Gallery). His grandfather had been a gamekeeper and this must have jumped a generation, as Jeff has been interested in wildlife and the countryside since he was a child. He moved to Burton, married a girl from a local farming family (the Procters) and has continued to be involved in farming/estate and woodland/game management (in similar limestone country to that around Silverdale) on the Curwen Woods Estate to the east of the M6 motorway at Burton. This includes extensive areas of limestone fell on the western slopes of Dalton Crags, as well as lowland farm and woodland. He realises that living in this area and doing this work has given him a good quality of life.

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