An interview with...

Roger Cartwright

Woodland Manager

Date: 10 February 2006
Woodwell Cottage, Silverdale
Interviewed by:
Amanda Bingley

Roger Cartwright is a landscape architect and woodland advisor. He has lived and worked in the Silverdale area since 1974 but, as a Local Authority landscape planner (since 1965), he has had professional knowledge of the area for longer than that. He originally trained as a forester in 1958 and his work experience has included:

  • working as a forester in Nyasaland, now Malawi, 1958 - 1961
  • employment as a landscape architect at Cumbernauld New Town 1965 - 1967
  • work for Lancashire, Northumberland and Cumbria County Councils on landscape design, conservation and environmental assessment 1967 – 1991
  • he started in private practice in 1991 - he has prepared Management Plans and helped with Woodland Grant Schemes and Countryside Stewardship applications and the implementation of design and conservation work on a large number of small estates and farms in the Lake District, Cumbria and Lancashire.

Roger has always been committed to the conservation of woodlands and wildlife in the area and has experienced various landscape controversies over the past thirty years. These have involved him in a long term campaign to save limestone pavements in the area and a battle to re-route a new major link road that would have dissected the area and completely changed its character.

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